Indian General Elections 2019

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Destroyer of Worlds

Is India Aspiring to become Death,The Destroyer of Worlds?

Nidaa Shahid  Robert Oppenheimer famously quoted the Indian Scripture Bhagavad-Gita upon witnessing the first nuclear detonation by the U.S. in 1945 when he said “Now I am become Death the...
Space Security

Space Security Trilemma in South Asia

Zulfqar Khan and Ahmad Khan  The peculiar nature of bilateral relations between the United States and China in space is the triggering point of a space security trilemma in South...
Nuclear Weapons

Balakot, Nuclear Weapons and Deterrence

Syed Ali Zia Jaffery The induction of nuclear weapons in South Asia has given primacy to the concept of deterrence in the strategic discourse between arch-rivals, India and Pakistan. Bilateral...

Lessons of Pulwama

Zamir Akram  The latest Pakistan-India crisis, triggered by the attack on an Indian para-military convoy killing over 40 soldiers on February 14, 2019 in the Pulwama area of Indian Occupied...
Strategic Discourse

Pulwama-Balakot Crisis: The Evolving Strategic Discourse in South Asia

Adil Sultan  Pulwama crisis was the most serious military engagement between India and Pakistan since the Kargil conflict of 1999. Despite its relatively short lifecycle, there was a real danger...

Blockchain: Myth Busters for Pakistani Regulators

Najeeb Zaidi Background There is a need to bust the myth and anxiety around the buzz-word ‘Blockchain’. This applies to all and sundry because we are divorcing ourselves from its great...
Qatar Talks

Qatar Talks Amid Rising Tensions

Qadir Khan Yousafzai United States’ former Ambassador to Pakistan and Afghanistan, Ryan Crocker has likened Washington’s talks with the Afghan Taliban with those that took place in Vietnam before America’s...
Rebranding Nuclear Disarmament

Rebranding Nuclear Disarmament: Assessing Role and Impact of The Nuclear Ban Treat

Sitara Noor International efforts to achieve global nuclear disarmament are as old as the nuclear weapons development. The United Nations General Assembly’s first resolution in 1946 established a commission to...

Trumpting the Withdrawal From Afghanistan

Salma Malik Afghanistan once again lives up to its part-legend part-mythical reputation of unceremoniously ousting foreign invaders. Whether it was the documenting of the fatal siege of Kabul Residency that...

Latest article


Pakistan’s Nuclear Journey Since 1998: Still Reluctant or Not?

Rizwan Zeb  Forty-seven years ago, in 1972, compelled by worsening threat perception, Pakistan reluctantly embarked upon the nuclear journey when Bhutto ordered his scientists to...
New Start

Why New START Needs a New Start?

Ayesha Abbasi John F. Kennedy said, “leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” The arms control regime is presently in a downward spiral mainly...
United Nations

Exclusive Interview with Ambassador Maleeha Lodhi, Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the United Nations

Ambassador Maleeha Lodhi is Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations. Amb. Lodhi has had a prolific career. She has twice served as Pakistan’s...
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